Posted by: Eric | November 8, 2009

Georgia Aquarium

A couple years ago we went to Georgia for Keri’s cousins’ Bat Mitzvah held in the Georgia Aquarium.  Her aunt and uncle actually reserved the building (yes, the whole thing, well mostly, but I’m pretty sure we were the only group there) before it was even built!  Before the party, we had the opportunity to tour the entire aquarium after hours.  Without have to deal with people jumping in front of the camera, I had the opportunity to take some great shots!  I didn’t take any pictures of the actual event because A) I wanted to eat, drink, and be social and B) they had hired photographers, one of which was apparently threatened by my camera and kept making snide comments to me about it…

Click here to see the entire gallery as a slide show

The only photo I took of the event, this is the girls getting ready and the aforementioned photographer

You got my money?

What up?

I like to stand out from the crowd

The Swarm


da dum - da dum - da dum da dum da dum

Looks like he's going for an upper periodontal incision

This is how I float...

Beluga whale

Click here to see the entire gallery on SmugMug



  1. I love that first shot & have it hanging on our living room wall. Jackson loves to stare at it! 🙂

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