Posted by: Eric | November 14, 2009

Rhode Island Waterfire

Waterfire (click for a larger image)

Waterfire is a live art installation in Providence, Rhode Island. It is burned multiple times a year for different occasions and is a spectacular sight, especially after dark.

I took the photos below on Independence Day in 2004.  It was a great time, with crowds of people, great weather (very cool for the 4th of July, I’m used to hot beach weather that time of year), good  food, and other sights to see.  Typically I disdain crowds, but since the installation was so large and spread out it was easy to move through.

These photos were taken with my Powershot G3, a great little camera that I still use a little today. I have since moved up to a Digital SLR and would love to get back up there to photograph the event again.

A close up of one of the fires


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