Posted by: Eric | November 28, 2009

Walt Disney World in under 2 minutes!

Keri and I went to Disney World (Orlando) for our honeymoon in April of this year. It was a blast, and as is typical, I took 8 gigs of photos while we were there just to let them sit on a memory card until a couple days ago!  It was great to finally look at the pictures again, but then came the realization that I took a LOT of pictures.  I tend to get snap happy looking for that perfect shot, so I had a lot of photos of the same type of scene in sequences. Good thing for digital, I would be broke if I shot actual film.  Or maybe I’d be a better photographer with less mistakes!

I wanted to go though and select the good ones to post here, and I will eventually, but with holidays and work, I just don’t see it happening anytime soon.  So I did the next best thing, I imported all the untouched-up photos into iMovie and made a high-speed slide-show!  Because I neurotically snapped multiple photos of similar scenes (especially fireworks), the slide show ended up looking very much like an old 8mm movie in many places. The effect is pretty cool, so I decided to run with it.

Before you watch the movie, keep in mind my iMovie and general film skills are non-existant.  I wish I could have pulled off the old movie effect with a little more clarity, but c’est la vie.  Also YouTube’s compression doesn’t help the clarity either.

You can watch the movie below or click here for a higher quality version.


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