About this Blog

We’ve decided to become a bloggers now!

Downtown Roanoke

Yea, that sounds lame. And it is, but we’re not really doing this because we think anyone cares that much about what we have to say.  We just want a creative outlet to post photos, knitting, cooking, or anything else.  If anyone does actually like what we have to say, then great.

We’re located in the Roanoke area of Virginia, right alongside the Blueridge Parkway.  We were married in April of 2009, and have been trying to figure out how to live together with the cat in this tiny apartment. We’re both Computer Science majors from the College of William and Mary. I currently work as a programmer for R&K Engineering, focusing on GIS solutions for facility management. My wife is a former Qimonda employee until her site closed amidst the recession (perfectly timed for out wedding however).  The cat… well… she doesn’t do much, although I think she senses I’m writing about her because she’s staring at me.

Below are a few photos from downtown Roanoke I took back in 2005. Excuse the ugly watermark, it is something I used to do when I first started posting photos online.  Part of this blog is to revisit some of these old photos, reprocess them and give them a new home.


Hotel Roanoke


Grand Furniture Outlet Sign


Fire Escape


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